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General Packaging Products takes great pride in delivering to you unique materials for your specific needs in quality QSR packaging. Our food service items cover a wide variety of foil laminations, drywax, poly/wax blends and grease resistant products.

GenWrap foil laminated wraps are unmatched for their excellent heat retention, moisture barrier and grease resistance. With excellent dead fold they are the premier wrap for roast beef, fish, chicken, gourmet burgers, BBQ's, etc. The foil is spot laminated with a "Broken Octagon design" to maximize the foil's ability to retain heat while utilizing the paper's moisture absorption.

Dry Wax wraps are an economical sheet commonly used for hot dogs, burgers, sandwiches and subs. The dry wax coating is driven into the sheet creating a barrier with little surface wax. Dry Wax wraps provide some grease, moisture and heat resistance for foods that will be eaten shortly after serving.

GenWax is a one-side coating of poly/wax which protects food and provides a uniform barrier that holds in heat and grease. With good wet-strength, excellent sheet separation and attractive white appearance they are preferred for higher customer recognition and performance. GenWax wraps and basket liners are commonly used for sandwiches, burgers, biscuits, onion rings, etc.

Grease resistant wraps will give you a low cost alternative for such applications as cold subs, hot dogs, tacos, carton liners and basket liners. The sheet is specifically treated to prevent staining and grease penetration.

Our food service products are all available with stock designs as well as the availability of custom designs. Custom designs can be printed as precision print and/or random printing with up to six colors with front and back registration in quantities as low as 100,000 sheets.